MeI 1 Opening abattoirs 1907

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MeI 1 Opening abattoirs 1907.


The first in a series photos on  meat industry . Series title "Meat Industry".

Description: A photo the opening of the Dannevirke Abattoirs in 1907. There had been considerable effort and little success at obtaining Maori land to set up a meat processing plant. In the end it was set up on land purchaed from M. J. McPherson and access offered by land from Mrs J Allardice. This was another Dannevirke designed by Ragnar Jenssen and built by J. L. Scott for a tender of 2 474 pounds. The current plant on the site is owned by Alliance Meats purchasing it in 2003. Visible is the house that was built for the plant's manager. This was destroyed by fire inJuly 1911.

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