FiB 2 Fire brigade 1907-1908

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FiB 2 Fire brigade 1907-1908.


The  second photo of fire brigade photos. Series title "Fire Brigade".

Description : Possibly a copy of  a Christmas card put out by the Dannevirke Volunteer Fire Brigade with names of the members taken in a staged setting. it is a posed portrait of the group in uniform some are also wearing medals. names from the back row are. Fireman Lyons, Fireman Simmonds, Foreman Slade, Fireman Pateman, Fireman Stratford, Foreman Dales. Middle row Fireman Whaler, Fireman Rossiter, Fireman Smith, Lieutenant Drinkwater, Captain McMillan, Foreman Minton Front Row Messenger Diggle, Fireman Eaton,, Fireman Eliason, Messenger McLuckie. The fire brigade was established in 1895 and at this time would have been housed at the South end of High Street in a single story wooden building in the area of the Baywide building and  the bell tower was across High Street from it

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