NOR 3 Original settlers 1922

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NOR 3 Original settlers 1922.


The  fourth in a series of photos of Norsewood subjects Series title "Norsewood".

On back "original settlers at Norsewood golden jubilee, 1922".

Description: Posed portrait of the remaining original settlers od Norsewood at their golden Jubilee. It is taken outside and infront of a hedgerow. Names included are from back to front....Ole Lund, O. O. Nordbye, C. E. Petersen, E. A Laurvig, E. Fredericksen, C. Christiansen, K Andersen.

Ole Johansen, Mrs Mandell, Mrs Ole Gundersen, Mrs Jens Neilsen, Mrs Hans Olsen, Mrs Ole Christoffersen, Mrs peter Larsen, Mrs John Petersen, Mrs Theodor Andreasson, Mrs Herbert and Mrs Christiansen.

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