PNF 4 Dannevirke Gas Co

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PNF 4 Dannevirke Gas Co.


The  fourth in a series of photos of Non family group portraits Series title "Portraits- Non family Groups".

On back "The person last on the left is Joe Setford ".

Description: Posed photo of the staff or workers at the Dannevirke gas Coy, a bicycle being left againt the wall. The Gas works was located between Denamark and High Street, within the current area of the New World carpark. It was established in 1898 by William Henderson and sold to a syndicate in 1905. it was later sold to the council after years of negotiations. It was responsible for all the borough's street lamps.  The 35 000 cubic feet of gas were held in 2 gasometers. The  over 3 miles of gas lines supplied 10 gas engines, 40 gas cookers and 250 private homes


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