PNF 6 Girl Friendly Society

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PNF 6 Girl Friendly Society.


The  sixth in a series of photos of Non family group portraits Series title "Portraits- Non family Groups".".

Description:   A posed portrait of the Girl Friendly society at a gathering at the Home of Mr Hartgill on Guy Street and is dated about 1912. People identified on the back of the photo include

Front row : Bernice Mckay (lived Burns Street), Dorrothy Stoker, Jessie Ross, Mrs Russell (Dannevirke Evening News), Trixie Robertshaw, Gertie Freeman, Mrs Dr Dawson, Mrs Giesen, Mrs Hartgill

2nd row Miss Diamond, unknown, Miss Diamond, Maggie Blair, Myrtle Batten, Mrs Robertshaw, Mrs Tansley

The lady in the back row in front of the door is identified as Dorothy Knight


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