TIM 15 Dannevirke Woodware Co Ltd

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TIM 15 Dannevirke Woodware Co Ltd.


The fifthteenth in a series photos of the timber industry. Series title "Timber industry". On back : 1903-1904 Staff A. L. Gordon factory and shop High Street (now R Hannah & Co) Mill Cadman Road Back row H Hayward, C H Brown, Jones 3rd row Drinkwater, C Newton, P O Clark, C J Nicholls, A L Gordon, J T Chanbnon, Milner, Ericksen Mckearney, J Osborn Front row J Stewart, I Gordon, McKenzie.

Description: A posed photo of the staff of A L Gordon & Co ( or Dannevirke Wooware Co Ltd) which was started by A L (Alexander Lawrence) as a woodworking furniture making venture in 1885 . It's shop was situated where the present Hannah's builing is and was considered one of the best factories in New Zealand. A L Gordon like many business men of his days served on many boards and committes in Dannevirke and served as a councillor from May 1901 to May 1902 and from May 1903 to November 1905 from May 1902 to May 1903 he was the Mayor. He died at sea in November 1905

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