OfV 2 Danish ambassador 1981

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OfV 2 Danish ambassador 1981.


The second in a series of photos on visiting dignitaries. Series title "Official Visits".

Description: A posed group portrait of the Danish ambassador to Australia and descendants of the early Danish settlers to the area. The event took placein the concert hall in the Dannevirke Town Hall on Wednesday 11th February 1980.

On back "Luncheon visit of Danish ambassador to Australia Wednesday 11th February 1980 held at concert chamber, town Hall, Dannevirke and informal gathering of Danish Descendants of early settlers".

Back row  (L to R) : Mr R. C. Thirkell, Mrs J. M. Thirkell, Mr J. C. Gjording, Mrs E. Gjording, Mr H. C. Lidington  (mayor), Mr Worberg (ambassador), Mrs A. G. Meek, Mrs J. E. Olsen,, Mr J. B. Morrison (Vice Concil Wellington), Mr S. F. Nikolaison, Mrs A. Ross, Mrs M. Swenson, Mr R. F. Swenson.

Front row (L to R) : Mr A. A. Tacon, Mrs G. A. taylor, Mrs L. E. Allardice, Mrs B. J. Lidington, Mrs K F Tacon, Mrs E. G. Berntsen, Mr B. D Nielsen, Miss K. M. R. Berntsen

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