PoI 8 Pastor Ries and family 1895

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PoI 8 Pastor Ries and family 1895.


The  eighth in a series of photos of individual and family group portraits Series title "Portraits- Individuals and  family Groups".

On back "1895 High Street back row Miss Ann Ries, unknown, Miss K Lauriden, Mrs Ries, Maren (twin), Hans Jnr, Marie, Pator Ries, Johanne (twin), andreas in perambulator, workmen at left".

Description: After long service to the Lutherian service in Norsewood and setting up the first dairy factory in the area, Pastor Ries and his family moved to Dannevirke in 1895 to the above house on High Street. This the front of the house and as another photo will show a great deal of work was being done at the back:

During his time in Dannevirke he managed to set up a business ( H M Ries & Sons), serve multiple terms on council and as mayor, preach to the Dannevirke Lutherian commmunity and serve on many charity and community boards

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