HBH 1 Danevirk Hotel

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HBH 1 Danevirk Hotel.


The  first  photo of Dannevirke hotels and borading houses Series title "Hotels and boarding houses".

On back  : 1st licensed hotel in Dvke owned by J Allardice

Description: The first licenced in Dannevirke itself it was in a dip, thought to be across from the old Public Trust building on the Allardice, High Street corners. It was built in 1883. It was built for James Allardice as the Allardice Hotel and was later transfered (sold) to Mr Robert Dickey in December 1888, it had it's own stabling area and an attached billards room. It was destroyed in a fatal fire on 27 July 1889 in the early hours of the morning. A man who worked in the stables Mr David Benbow was killed . A gathering of people are posed for the photo including a group of young girls, women and work men. There is also a horse and wagon

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