PNF 1 Danish Ministers

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PNF 1 Danish Ministers.


The  first in a series of photos of Non family group portraits Series title "Portraits- Non family Groups".

On back "Danish Ministers standing Petersen, Topholm, left to right sitting Christensen, Sass, Ries, LeGart".

Description: Posed photo of the Ministers who worked in the area. The Danish Lutheran church established itself early and in large numbers in what is now the Tararua. The first sermon was in 1878 and there were churchs at  Norsewood and Dannevirke, the Dannevirke church being the first purpose built church building in Dannevirke. This is more possibly taken around Norsewood as not all these ministers were resident in Dannevirke and some only resided in Norsewood although they may have travelled to Dannevirke they are

Jørgen Johansen (George Enoch) Sass Norsewood 1878-1893

Hans Madsen Ries Norsewood1886-1895  Dannevirke 1895-1926

Niels Nielsen Topholm Norsewood 1893 -1902

Carl Georg Bjelke-Petersen Norsewood 1903-1908

Johannes Johansen Legarth Norsewood 1899-1921 and 1924-1942.

The odd man out may be Mads Christensen who does not seem to have been based in the Tararua area.

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