PoI 9 The family of James Allardice

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PoI 9 The family of James Allardice.


The  ninth in a series of photos of individual and family group portraits Series title "Portraits- Individuals and  family Groups".

On back "The family of James Allardice, Dannevirke first settler Back row : Percy, Donald, Harry, Frederick (seated , Front row :  James Jnr, Mary, Leonard".

Description: A posed portrait of James Allardice's family. He was the first 'British permanant. He was first a partner at the Tamaki Hotel at Tohraiti.  He then managed the first commercial building to be built in Dannevirke, the Drower's Store near where the triangle is on the High Street. he later would own the Masonic Hotel. He would eventually die of injuries recieved in a wrestling match in 1908. His family would go on to establish themselves in Dannevirke as well. Percy would be a grocer, he died in 31 August 1954, Donald would farm and died on 14 September 1966,  James a labourer passed away first dying on 22 July 1929, Leonard was an accountant passing away on 16 February  1962.

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