NOR 2 Pastor Ries at vicarage

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NOR 2 Pastor Ries at vicarage.


The  second  in a series of photos of Norsewood subjects Series title "Norsewood".

On back "Pastor Ries 1st Lutheran vicarage Norsewood, now N museum".

Description: The Lutheran Church was one of the first european religions to set itself up in the Tararua.The church in Norsewood was opened in 1878 and it and the manse were destroyed by fire in 1888, this was the rebuilt manse. Pastor Ries was resident in Norsewood from 1886 to 1895. In 1895 Pator Ries moved to  Dannevirke, his house there being included in 2 photos in this collection. On 11 december 1965 the former Norsewood manse was opened as the Norsewood Pioneer Museum being relocated fo the purpose.

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