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Dai 6 Maharahara Factory - Suppliers and Directors.
  This is a portrait of the Suppliers and Directors of the Maharahara Factory in the Dairy Industry.
FaM 2 Gate Hay Sweep.
  This is a picture of a Gate Hay Sweep, operated by two men and puuled by two horses.
MeI Meat Industry.
  This is a picture of meat hanging in a room.  Including a worker and a work bench. This was in the early 1950's
SSG 19 Southern Hawkes Bay Cricket Association.
  This is a team portrait of the Southern Hawkes Bay Cricket Association Representative Team, 1938-39.
Veh 5 Cars of the District.
  This is an image of some of the early cars of the District and thier owners. From left to right F W Smith (Cadilac), F J Knight (Vauxhall), C