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PoI 5 Neil McPhee.
The  fifth in a series of photos of individual and family group portraits Series title "Portraits- Individuals and  family Groups". On back "Niel McPhee mayor Dannevirke 1896". Description: A posed portrait of Niel (Neil) McPhee
HBH 2 Dennehy Hotel.
The  second  photo of Dannevirke hotels and boarding houses Series title "Hotels and boarding houses". On back  : High St, Dvke 1895 Millers Rd cnr Description: The Junction (Dennehy) hotel was opened in
MIN 1 Maharahara copper mine.
The  only photo in the series on mining. Series title "Mining". Description: 23 men, a boy outside of the opening to the Maharahara coppermine, also in shot is a mine cart
BCI 12 Brickyard in McCullum St, 1890.
The  twelfth in a series of photos of buildings. Series title "Buildings Commercial and Industrial". On back "Property of G. H. Scott 11 York Street Dvke. Elderly bearded gentleman in front