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Veh 5 Cars of the District.
  This is an image of some of the early cars of the District and thier owners. From left to right F W Smith (Cadilac), F J Knight (Vauxhall), C
STR 4 High Street - South.
The  fourth in a series of photos of the Dannevirke Streets Series title "Streets". On back "High Street looking south, public trust on right". Description: A photo taken from just south of the Allardice
STR 15 High Street mercury vapour lamps 1928.
The fifthteenth photo in a series of photos of Dannevirke streets. Series title "Streets". On back : High Street at night new mercury vapour lamps Description: Just South of the corner of Gordon
PGR 3 Dannevirke Camping Groung.
The  third in a series of photos on the parks, gardens and other greenbelt areas. Series title "Parks, gardens and reserves". On Back : camping ground Description: a picture of the Dannevirke
ELE 1 Election day outside courthouse.
The first and only photo of  Elections. Series title "Elections". On back : Presented to D. B Council by Violet Hebbard, Flat 3 Aften Court, Dannevirke 23-09-1981. Election day outside court