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Akitio Pongaroa War Memorial.
This photograph shows the original list of names on the cenotaph.  As they were becoming illegible, the Akitio Returned Services Association have added a new plaque below this, repeating the
Akitio Pongaroa War Cenotaph Memorial.
This is a photo of the full list of names on the memorial.  Above it (not shown) are the original names, but these were very faded and so a supplementary
Wimbledon memorial returned soldiers.
This memorial also lists those soldiers who fought but returned safely.  See In Memoriam page for a list.
Wimbledon memorial killed in action.
A close up photograph of the list of soldiers killed in WWI.   Source: NZ history online, Glennis Austin, 2005
Wimbledon memorial.
Wimbledon memorial is a triangle of stones, featuring a wreath, rifle, sword and fern leaf.  Names are listed in the Memorials list.   Photo: NZ History online, Glennis Austin, 2005