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ARM 12 Oringi camp.
    This is an image of the soldiers and horses at Oringi camp May 1913
ARM 2 Army Camp - Tents.
Oringi Camp - 1912. Number two in a series of army photos. Soldiers standing out side tents.
ARM 1 Army - Watering Horses.
Oringi Camp - 1912. Number one in a series of army photos.  Wording on photo:" "Watering horses at Oringi T camp: S C Smith photo Feb 1912" 18"
ARM 3 Army - Oringi Camp.
Oringi camp - 1917. Third in series of army photos. Men standing outside cook house with buckets. Faint writing reads: "Bill Massey's Artillery men on cook house fatigue 1917. J