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MeI Meat Industry.
  This is a picture of meat hanging in a room.  Including a worker and a work bench. This was in the early 1950's
DBC 2 Dannevirke Borough Council.
  This is a picture of The compost works down Easton Street in 1950.
Sch 7 South School Golden Jubilee 1950.
The seventh photo of Schools - South School Golden Jubilee 1950. Series title "Schools". Description: This photo is a group portrait of the South School Golden Jubilee. It was taken in 1950.
HOS 4 Dannevirke's Public Hospital 1950.
The fourth in a series of photos of Hospitals - Public Hospital 1950. Series title "Hospital". On back: Dannevirke Public Hospital, Maternity Anneye, 1950. Description: This photo is of the Dannevirke Public Hospital in 1950.
BuG 1 Buildings Government.
The 1st photo of Buildings Government - Post Office 1950. Series title "Buildings Government". On back  : 1950 Present Post Office. Post Office Square where Old Police Station once stood. Description: It