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Bur 2 Building residential.
The  only  photo of Dannevirke private houses Series title "Buildings residentual". On back  : H W Giesen's residence Trafalger St, 1906 a portion of it still there in 1970 Description:  H W Giesen
TIM 11 Bartholomews Mill.
The twelfth in a series photos of  the timber industry. Series title "Timber industry". On back : 1904 Bartolomews No 1 Mill Description: A posed photo of millers at the Bartholomews
MeI 1 Opening abattoirs 1907.
The first in a series photos on  meat industry . Series title "Meat Industry". Description: A photo the opening of the Dannevirke Abattoirs in 1907. There had been considerable effort and little success
DAN 2 Dannevirke - High Street.
The second in a series of photos of Dannevirke - High Street. Series title "Dannevirke". On back: about 1900. Description: This is a picture overlooking the town of Dannevirke, in particular High
EXH 1 Christchurch Exhibition 1906.
The first in a series photos on  the1906 Christchurch exhibition . Series title "Exhibitions". On back : Len Ransom 1906 Exhibit at Christchurch Exhibition Description: A photo of the display by Dannevirke