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STR 23 Dannevirke High Street.
Postcard of Dannevirke High Street
STR 23 Dannevirke High Street Delete.
This is a Post card image of Dannevirke High Street
LIB 4 Opening of Public Library.
On back: Public Library Dannevirke. Description: This photo is of the 1908 grand opening of the Public Library in Dannevirke by Pastor Ries. The exact date was May 27th 1908.
Veh 2 One of the first cars in Dannevirke.
    This is an image of one of the first cars in Dannevirke. It was owned by Mr Collett.  Fred Collett at the tiller(driving)
SSG 16 Methodist Hockey Team.
  This is a team portrait of the Methodist Hockey team, Dannevirke  1908 N Leete, C W Burtenshaw, H A Thompson, S R Keen, W G McIntosh, H Carston, Rev