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STR 23 Dannevirke High Street.
Postcard of Dannevirke High Street
STR 23 Dannevirke High Street Delete.
This is a Post card image of Dannevirke High Street
RIV 2 Junction at Totaia and Mangawhero.
  This is an image of the Junction at Totaia and Mangawhero
PNF 13 Champion Marksmen.
    This is a portarit of  Champion Marksmen, all from the Dannevirke Rifle Volunteers about 1911.  Back row Duley, Larsen.  Front row A Nidsen, W Drummond, R Paton.
Veh 4 Charron car.
  This is an image of Mr C C Neilson at the wheel of his Charron car in 1909.