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Pic 4 Cycling Club Picnic.
  This is a picture of the first Cycling Club Picnic. Amongst those present were: H Grainger, J Neagle, W Drummond, Mrs Davidson, Mrs Drummond, Miss Vesty, Mrs Humphrey, G
DBC 2 Dannevirke Borough Council.
  This is a picture of The compost works down Easton Street in 1950.
Tra 2 Traction engine in distress.
  This is a picture of Wirth's circus elephants comming to the assistance of a traction engine in distress in the Waipawa river in 1909.
Axe 1 Axemen's carnival.
  This is a picture of a handicaps chops compitition at a carnival.
BCI 17 Len Lloyd automobile.
  This is a picture of Mr Len Lloyd and his Daimler outside of Ransoms Motor Garage in 1910.