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These are the names exactly as listed on all local war memorials. Any corrections can be done via linking or in another document.

Names listed on memorials within Tararua District. 

Links to the Cenotaph Database have been added where we are certain the correct person has been identified.  If you feel any of this information is incorrect, or you have further information to add, please do contact Tararua Kete or flag the entry.

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 * next to the name means that there are multiple listings in the Cenotaph Database, and we are not sure which one is correct.


Dannevirke and Districts War Memorial

View image of memorial here


BOER WAR (South African War, 1899-1902)

"From lists laid on the table of the House of Representatives, 1903."

Pvt. John Allan

Pvt. George Ashby

Dvr. John Beck


1914-1918 WAR (World War I)

"Roll of honour in memory of volunteers from Dannevirke & District who gave their lives for the defence of the Empire in the war of 1914-1918" - inscription on monument.

Sgt.-Mjr. W E Frost                                                                                     Crpl. D H Curran

Capt. A D Herrick                                                                                        Crpl. L A Davey

Lieut. W A Cliff-McCulloch                                                                          Crpl. H Griffin

Lieut. T S Grant                                                                                           Crpl. J Goggin

Lieut. C A Hunter                                                                                         Crpl. B Kay

Lieut. L Hughes                                                                                           Crpl. C M Richardson

Lieut. J McKenzie                                                                                        Crpl. G Stewart

Lieut. G B Knight                                                                                         Crpl. J A Wilson

Lieut. N R Russell                                                                                        L/Cpl. W R Cammock

Lieut. J F Stone                                                                                            L/Cpl. R T S Chisholm

Sgt. E Bassett                                                                                              L/Cpl. H J Clemens

Sgt. S Barnard                                                                                             L/Cpl. A C Erickson

Sgt. W G Cunningham                                                                                 L/Cpl. C C Ford

Sgt. M J Curtis                                                                                             L/Cpl. G A Gibbs

Sgt. E A Dustow                                                                                          L/Cpl. W G Hitchman

Sgt. C Hales                                                                                                L/Cpl. H A Knight

Sgt. G W Hume                                                                                           L/Cpl. L M Lowen

Sgt. G R Kendle                                                                                          L/Cpl. S Brett Monteith

Sgt. C M Kivell                                                                                             L/Cpl. A E Ryan

Sgt. J H Macgregor                                                                                      L/Cpl. S Simson

Sgt. H F Nash                                                                                              L/Cpl. E Tarrant

Sgt. W T Pilcher                                                                                           L/Cpl. S Widt

Sgt. E A Robertson                                                                                      L/Cpl. F Wood

Sgt. A S P Rosenfeldt                                                                                  L/Cpl. J Wright

Sgt. F Sullivan                                                                                             Nurse Mabel Whishaw

Sgt. H F Smale                                                                                            Pvte. Adamson

Sgt. S B Thomsen                                                                                       Pvte. H J Allardice

Sgt. H S Yarrall                                                                                            Pvte. Wm A Alexander

Crpl. O Tudor Brewer                                                                                  Bugler J W Alding

Pvte. N Anderson                                                                                        Pvte. L Hardie

Pvte. J Anderson                                                                                         Gnr. W E Harold

Pvte. R Anderson                                                                                        Pvte. J Hawley

Rfmn. D Anderson                                                                                       Pvte. C R Hill

Pvte. A Arrow-Smith                                                                                    Pvte. T R Hirst

Rfmn. W E Baines                                                                                       Pvte. H J C Hitchman

Pvte. A Beatty                                                                                             Pvte. J Howes

Pvte. G Beatty                                                                                             Rfmn. M Hume

Rfmn. T Benbow                                                                                         Tpr. P Hunter

Rfmn. E Benbow                                                                                         Pvte. T Jardine

Tpr. G Berkahn                                                                                           Pvte. E M Jensen

Pvte. F J Best                                                                                             Pvte. P L Johnstone

Pvte. J J Brockley                                                                                       Pvte. W Kauter

Pvte. G H Bolsted                                                                                       Pvte. F Kelleher

Pvte. G Tudor Bower                                                                                  Pvte. A W King

Gnr. F Grogan                                                                                             Pvte. W D Knight

Pvte. S Cameron                                                                                         Pvte W G Lang

Pvte. N Carmichael                                                                                     Pvte. E A Laurvig

Rfmn. L Clegg                                                                                             Pvte. A Larsen

Pvte. W Charteris                                                                                        Rfmn. W E Lewis

Rfmn. E Christison                                                                                      Pvte. P Limpus

Pvte. W Clausen                                                                                         Rfmn. J P Love

Pvte. J Clark                                                                                                Pvte. A Lund

Pvte. T A Clarke                                                                                          Pvte. W Lund

Gnr. M J Cooper                                                                                          Pvte. R Luck

Gnr. L H Corbett                                                                                          Rfmn. A D Macdonald

Rfmn. G Crawford                                                                                        Pvte. H J Macgibbon

Pvte. W Crocombe                                                                                       Gnr. Geo Mackay

Pvte. A Currie                                                                                               Ftr. G Mackay

Pvte. J A Davidson                                                                                       Pvte. F Mansell

Rfmn. H E Davies                                                                                         Pvte. Len Mason

Pvte. T Devaney                                                                                           Pvte. E Mason

Pvte. A G Dew                                                                                              Pvte. A Major

Pvte. H A Diamond                                                                                       Pvte. F Martin

Gnr. P Doria                                                                                                  Pvte. H Martin

Pvte. L J Doria                                                                                              Pvte. K Matana

Pvte. B R Doria                                                                                             Pvte. F W Mawhiney

Rfmn. P O Douglas                                                                                       Pvte. J Meades

Pvte. M Duley                                                                                               Pvte. G E J Mills

Pvte. R G Dunnage                                                                                       Pvte. T W Moorby

Pvte. T Eaton                                                                                                Rfmn. H H Moores

Tpr. E L Emerson                                                                                         Pvte. P A Moores

Pvte. B Excel                                                                                                Rfmn. J H Mordin

Pvte. L W Fayen                                                                                           Rfmn. W J Mordin

Pvte. J A Ferguson                                                                                       Pvte. J S Morgan

Pvte. P H Feierabend                                                                                   Pvte. J Munro

Pvte. J Fife                                                                                                    Bombr. D J MacIntyre

Pvte. S W Franklin                                                                                        Rfmn. R D McKechnie

Rfmn. F Friis                                                                                                 Rfmn. J McKenzie

Pvte. A Gannaway                                                                                        Rfmn. M McKenzie

Rfmn. W H Galloway                                                                                    Tpr. A N McLean

Pvte. H H Gaskin                                                                                          Pvte. A A McLuckie

Pvte. A C G Gibbs                                                                                        Pvte. R McNabb

Pvte. W F Greaves                                                                                       Pvte. T J J Ness

Pvte. R G W Gregg                                                                                      Rfmn. E R Nicholson

Pvte. E Griffin                                                                                               Pvte. G Nielsen

Pvte. R J Hall                                                                                                Pvte. J Noble

Pvte. B J Halliburton                                                                                     Gnr. P Ockenden

Pvte. D Hansen                                                                                             Rfmn. R J Oliver

Pvte. J Hardie                                                                                                Pvte. Olaf Olsen

Pvte. J Ovens                                                                                                Pvte. J M Simpson

Pvte. J O'Connell                                                                                          Pvte. W Simpson

Pvte. J C O'Sullivan                                                                                      Dvr. W H Smith

Pvte. E A Pallant                                                                                           Pvte. C J Souness

Rfmn. G Palleson                                                                                         Pvte. C Stafford

Rfmn. C C Palmer                                                                                        Pvte. E O Stewart

Pvte. A F Patterson                                                                                      Pvte. A Stevens

Pvte. J Peck                                                                                                 Tpr. L Stevens

Pvte. W E Perry                                                                                            Rfmn. J Stevenson

Pvte. W H Pedder                                                                                         Pvte. J A L Tansley

Pvte. C E Phillips                                                                                          Pvte. C Thomson

Pvte. W M Powell                                                                                         Pvte. F J Thomson

Pvte. M C Prior                                                                                             Bugler H J Toomer

Pvte. R Pritchard                                                                                          Rfmn. J L Torkilson

Pvte. J Rasmussen                                                                                      Pvte. J Traynor

Pvte. R R Reisima                                                                                       Pvte. R B Waldie

Pvte. P J Rice                                                                                             Pvte. F E Walker

Pvte. H Ross                                                                                                Pvte. A Watson

Pvte. H Rossiter                                                                                           Pvte. L G Weavers

Pvte. A A Rossiter                                                                                        Pvte. T Wellwood

Pvte. J S Ryan                                                                                             Pvte. J Williams

Pvte. J Sabin                                                                                                Tpr. J H Wilson

Tpr. P Searle                                                                                                Sig. J A Wiseman

Pvte. T Sellwood                                                                                           Rfmn. W J White

Pvte. J Sewell                                                                                               Pvte. F Whitta

Pvte. W Sharp                                                                                              Tpr. J W Wood

Pvte. C W N Sheppard                                                                                 Tpr. G H Wood

Pvte. G R T Siblin                                                                                         Pvte. W H Wylie

Nurse N L Hughes (not on cenotaph)


Woodville War Memorial 

"Remember with thanksgiving the true and faithful men who in these years of war went forth from this place for God and the right. The names of those who returned not again are here inscribed to be honoured for evermore" - inscription on memorial.

View image of memorial here


Ambrose, A. T.                                                                                      Lowen, L. M.

Ammundsen, R. T.                                                                                Lynch, H. K.                                                                       

Arrow, A.                                                                                                McClymont, C.                                                                                           

Bean, W.E.C.                                                                                            McKay, D.

Bondi, L.                                                                                                    McMillan, A.

Braithwaite, H. W.                                                                                     Maisey, L.

Brearton, T. H.                                                                                          Maloney, J.

Burbush, D. G.                                                                                          Mann, C. E.

Burbush, G. E.                                                                                          Milne, A. M.

Cairns, R. J.                                                                                              Munro, R.

Cammock, F. H.                                                                                        Munro, W. A.

Christiansen, G. W. F.                                                                               Nutsey, C.

Clulow, R.                                                                                                  O'Leary, J.

Coss, H. F.                                                                                                Oliver, E. B.

Crump, E. F.                                                                                              Palmer, C. R.

Curry, A. B.                                                                                                Palmer, J.

Davie, H. P. C.                                                                                           Parker, A. J.

Dixon, C.                                                                                                    Pattibow, H. C.

Ebbett, A. W. J.                                                                                          Perfect, E.

Elwood, A. T.                                                                                              Perfect, J. H.

Gardner, T. G. C.                                                                                       Perfect, S.

Greaves, W.                                                                                               Power, T. E.

Greenaway, F.                                                                                            Robinson, C. K.

Hambling, H. L. E.                                                                                      Robinson, J.

Hares, F.                                                                                                     Robinson, T.

Harris, A.                                                                                                     Rosenfeldt, A. B. P.

Hatwell, F. A. L.                                                                                           Ramsden, F. J.

Haughie, J. W.                                                                                             Ruddick, F.

Herrick, N. G.                                                                                               Sinclair, D. H.

Hiatt, S. J. R.                                                                                               Sowerby, F. H.

Hoare, J. A.                                                                                                 Stevens, W. A.*

Hooper, C.                                                                                                   Swinburne, C.

Horne, C. (or G) W.                                                                                      Sykes, J.

Hughes, F.                                                                                                   Templeman, C. R.

Jensen, C.                                                                                                    Traynor, J.

Jensen, E. M.                                                                                               Troup, J. A.

Jensen. W. F.                                                                                               Waite, C. (possibly G.)

Jones, W.                                                                                                      Wigzell, J. O. F.

Jund, W. H. F.

Laitila, K.

Lehndorf, A. R.

Loader, E. L.


2nd World War 1939 - 1945

Ansin, D.                                                                                                        Orme, S. C.

Birchall, V. H.                                                                                                 Patterson, B. A.

Bolton, G. S.                                                                                                   Pickering, E.

Bryson, J. O. F.                                                                                              Redwood, C. G. H.

Burlace, P. V.                                                                                                 Schaw, F. A.

Cheyne, I. M.                                                                                                  Skinner, A. L.

Court, J. R.                                                                                                     Smith, V. R.

Crozier, A. W.                                                                                                 Toogood, W. D.

Crozier, N.                                                                                                      Voss, R. T.

Cullen, D. I.                                                                                                     Warnock, D. W.

Hickson, D. R.                                                                                                 Warnock, J. M.

Hickson, N.                                                                                                      Williams, R. H.

Herion, J. R. A. E.                                                                                           

McKinlay, M. J.


Pahiatua War Memorial

 View image of memorial here.  This cenotaph was unveiled 25 April 1924, and lists 234 soldiers killed in WWI.  It also lists WWII soldiers.

 "To the memory of the men of this district who fell in the Great War 1914-1918. Eternal honour give to those who died in that full splendour of heroic pride that we might live." - inscription on monument

Alcie, R.                                                                                        Mace. H.

Arrow, A. C.                                                                                  McClymont, G. R.

Austin, E. M.                                                                                 McFarlane, A.

Bacon, T. R.                                                                                 McPeak, A.

Bayne, K. A.                                                                                 McTavish, R.

Berry, C. R.                                                                                  Mearns, E. A.

Bosworth, W.                                                                                Milne, S. S.

Bryant, A. D.                                                                                 Moody, E.

Chilman, A.                                                                                   Moran, O.

Christiansen, C. E.                                                                        Morrison, D.

Christiesen, W.                                                                             Moynahan, T. T.

Clulow, R.                                                                                     Moffatt, A.

Cobb, H. F.                                                                                   Mulcahy, D.

Coe, W. R.                                                                                    Ness, T. J. J.

Crawford, A. C. R.                                                                         Ness, T. P. J.

Collins, W. E.                                                                                Olsen, R. B.

Cowan, H. R.                                                                                Johansen, E.

Cowan, W. H.                                                                                Paget, G.

Cresswell, E. G.                                                                            Pallant, D.

Davenport, D.                                                                                Parker, A. J.

Dew, A.                                                                                          Peters, L. F.

Doyle, J.                                                                                         Polglase, H. T.

Eddie, D.                                                                                        Priest, C. W.

Erickson, H.L.                                                                                Priest, H. J.

Foss, S. J.                                                                                      Reid, C.

Foster, J.                                                                                        Richardson, R. D.

Francis, G.                                                                                     Richardson, C. M.

Fulcher, A. E.                                                                                 Riddell, C.

Garlick, P. J.                                                                                   Roil, R.

Gemmell, G.                                                                                   Rose, W. V.

Gibson, L.                                                                                       Ross, B. H.             

Godfrey, E. D.                                                                                 Scott, W.

Goggin, J.                                                                                        Selby, H.

Graham, J.                                                                                       Sharp, W. F.

Gree, J. T.                                                                                        Sherwood, S.

Harris, W. E.                                                                                     Sowry, L. H.

Francis, F. W.                                                                                   Stevenson, J.

Griffith(s), D. C.                                                                                 Stevenson, R.

Guerin, J.                                                                                          Stevens (no initial)

Haliburton, C. L.                                                                                Stewart, J.

Hall, J. J.                                                                                           Sutherland, G.

Halliday, J. J.                                                                                     Swinbourne, G.

Hart, H. E.                                                                                          Tait, J. A.

Herbert, G.                                                                                         Terry, P.

Hill, R. ?                                                                                              Thomas, S.

Hislop, A. J.                                                                                         Thomas, W.

Hobbs, G. V.                                                                                        Toon, G.

Hodgins?, T. E.                                                                                    Tosswill, W. W.

Hull, J. J.                                                                                              Turchie, F.?

Hunt, K.                                                                                                Wainwright, F. W.

Hunt, S. J.                                                                                            Ward, R. O.

Kelly, M. J.                                                                                           Warner, F.

Kelsey, S.                                                                                             Weidenbaum, G.

Lankey, J.                                                                                             Whitta, F.

Larkin, L.                                                                                               Willoughby, A. B.

Lawson, C. P.                                                                                       Willoughby, W.

Legg, B.                                                                                                Wills, G. G. (or C. C.)

Le Lievre, C. E.                                                                                     Wilton, H. R.

Luoni, W.                                                                                               Wilton, S. T.

                                                                                                              Winston, W. H.

                                                                                                              Winter, W. H.


"To the memory of the men of this district who fell in World War II 1939-1945" - inscription on lower plinth

Austin, R. S.                                                                                           MacKay, P.

Barraclough, L. F.                                                                                  MacPherson, A.

Beattie, R. F.                                                                                          Mitchell, H. M.

Beedie, S. W. S.                                                                                    Narbey, V. C.

Bracken, S. W.                                                                                       Morris, E. G.

Brannigan, S.                                                                                         Murphy, T. A.

Britland, J. J. G.                                                                                     Patterson, B. A.

Burgess, H. H.                                                                                       Potts, C. A.

Chisnall, G. E. M.                                                                                  Purves, J. J.

Chisnall, R. W. D.                                                                                  Reeve, H. C. R.

Cosford, E. C.                                                                                        Ross, A. M.

Eddie, G. T.                                                                                            Small, A. W.

Falconer, L. L.                                                                                        Smith, K. A.

Fowke, B. H.                                                                                           Stone, F. G.

Hamilton, G. H. W.                                                                                  Veale, I. G.

Hercock, M.                                                                                             Walsh, W. P.

Hewison, R.                                                                                             Wansborough, N. O.

                                                                                                                 Whitcombe, W. H.

Murray, L. (Korea)                                                                                    Wilton, L. S.

Watson, J. R. (Korea)


Eketahuna War Memorial

View image of memorial here


Nireaha Memorial (Eketahuna)

"1914-1918 In honour of the men who left Nireaha and District for the front. Erected by the Nireaha Girl's Club." - inscription above plaque

** These names have a star next to them on the memorial. If you know what this indicates, please get in touch.

Albertsen, B. **

Albertsen, E.

Annan, J.

Berry, A. S.

Bowyer, C.

Cooper, H.

Cooper, L.F.A.

Connor, D.

Connor, F.

Christensen, E. **

Christensen, A.

Daysh, J.

Fleury, J. **

Francis, F. **

Francis, W.

Gibbons, J. **

Hercock, Reg. **

Hall, F.



Norsewood War Memorial

View image of memorial here which includes further details on names.

"Our Glorious Dead" This stone is reverently dedicated to the memory of those from this district who fell in the Great War 1914-1918 They lie buried in foreign lands. - inscription on memorial.


Sgt. M. Beck M.M. & Bar                                                                                Cpl. C Thomson M.M.

N. Andersen                                                                                                    J. Noble

O. Andersen                                                                                                    J. C. O'Leary

R. Andersen                                                                                                    K. Olsen

A. D. Grant                                                                                                      J. Peck

T. R. Hirst                                                                                                        W. M. Powell

W. Hollins                                                                                                        C. J. Souness

A. Larsen                                                                                                         J. Torkilson

E. A. Laurvig                                                                                                   Cpl. S. Widt

A. Lund                                                                                                            G. Wood

W. Lund                                                                                                           J. Woods

R. Mustchen                                                                                                    F. Wood*  (Francis or Finlay)

R. E. Nicholson                                                                                                C. H. Thoresen


Sgt. O. W. J. Bishop                                                                                        Cpl. C. T. Nordbye

Sgt. L. E. G. Bishop                                                                                         Cpl. E. C. Read

Sgt. E. A. J. Bradford                                                                                       Sgt. S. H. Scholfield

Pte. I. E. Harris                                                                                                 Pte. P. E. Taylor

Cpl. M. Hawker                                                                                                Tpr. P. S. T. Walsh

Sgt. T. O. Metcalfe                                                                                           Pte. M. P. Wehi

Pte. C. Nikolaison

Waikopiro and Te Uri War Memorial

Located on the Ormondville to Te Uri Road, at Whetukura. This monument includes both the names of those who were killed, and those who returned. There are numerals next to some of the returned soldiers. If anyone knows what these mean, please get in touch.

"For King and Empire. Boys who fell. Roll of honour." - inscription on cenotaph on side (1) facing road.

R. Resima                                                                                                    F. Martin

E. Mason                                                                                                     L. Clegg

P. Searle                                                                                                     G. Crawford

L. Fayen                                                                                                      G. Neilson

A. Adamson

"Honour to those who sacrificed at the call of duty. 

Erected in commemoration of our boys from Waikopiro and Te Uri District who nobly served in the Great War. 



- inscription at base of memorial on side facing road.


"For freedom & justice. Boys who returned" - inscription another side (2)

J. Resima                                                                              8. G. Fayen, A.Fraser

3. J. Kani                                                                               9. V. Castles, R. Bell, T. Baker, C. Taylor

4. R. Olsen                                                                            11. A. Nikolaison, G. Smith

6. A. Patterson                                                                      14. D. Crawford, F. Fredericksen

7. H. King, J. Fayen, R. Burtton, R. Pedler

1939-1945  -R.N.Z.A.F.-

C. M. Barker, E. M. Castles, W.L. Ellingham, R. D. Fairbrother


"For freedom & justice. 1939-1945. Those who returned" - inscripted on rear (3rd) side.

- 2nd N.Z.E.F.-

Sister A. B. King                                                                  R. I. McKenzie

A. E. Baines                                                                        H. N. Olsen

D. J. Castles                                                                       W. A. Olsen

B. J. Castles                                                                        E. P. Perry

R. S. Chadwick                                                                   W. Paterson

W. B. Collins                                                                       E. B. Ritchie

S. W. Ellingham                                                                  W.J. O'Brien

R. C. Johnston                                                                    W. J. Savage

C. Johnston                                                                         H. Snaddon

B. Johnston                                                                         A. J. S. Whitson

A. McKenzie                                                                        E. A. Woods


"For freedom & justice. Boys who returned." - inscription on side (4) facing bush.

17. Rft. M. Castles                                                             31. E. Nikolaison

20. J. Castles                                                                     34. F. Berkahn

21. J. King                                                                          38. A. Olsen

22. J. Neilsen                                                                     39. W. Resima, R. Olsen, A. Jonasen

24. D. Bottom                                                                     41. J. Adamson, L. Anderson

26. J. Fredericksen                                                            42. W. Castles

27. E. Berkahn

1939-1945 - R.N.Z.N.-

N. K. Baines, M. Schofield



Makotuku First World War Memorial

View image of memorial here

This monument was erected by the residents of Makotuku to perpetuate the memory of the brave men from this district who fought for the cause of freedom and justice in the Great War of 1914-1918 and World War 1939-1945. - Inscription on monument.


In loving memory of those who paid the supreme sacrifice (inscription above names):

Private J. Sabin                                                                                       L/Corporal L.M. Lowen                                                     

Private T. Jardine                                                                                    Private P. L. Johnston                                                           

Private E. Griffin                                                                                      Private T. Berrett

Private J. J. Ness                                                                                

In honour of those who fought for King and country (inscription above names):

Private R. Ness                                                                                        Private F. Berkahn

Private P. Lyons                                                                                      Private A. Tweedie

Private T. Sabin                                                                                       Private O? Hayell                        

Private C. Mildon                                                                                      Private E. Wright

Private L. Mildon                                                                                       Private E. Mann

Private A. Barley? (obscured)                                                                   Private V. J. Ross

Private H. Cantwell                                                                                    Private A. Stevens

Private G. Cantwell                                                                                    Corporal R. Ashley              

Sergeant G. Carmichael                                                                            Private J. Vaughan

Sergeant A. Kelberg                                                                                  Private S. Tweedie

Sergeant A. Berkahn                                                                                 Private J. Lean

Private J. Andrew                                                                                      Private E. Pickford

Private W. Andrew                                                                                     Private N. Berkahn

Sergeant W. Mildon                                                                                   Private A. Mildon

Sergeant T. Lawlor

Corporal R. Casson

Corporal P. Cantwell                                             



Gunner A. Schaare                                                                                            Driver E. T. Wright

Gunner R. Schaare                                                                                            Driver W. Davis

Gunner F. Luscombe                                                                                         L.A.C.  G. P. Chapman

Trooper C. Lang                                                                                                L.A.C.  H. P. Collins

Trooper K. Lang                                                                                                A.C.     R. Smith

Sapper W. Bishop                                                                                             A.C.     J. Carruthers

R.S.M.  T. Christiansen                                                                                     Private C. Pick? (obscured)

Sergeant G.H. Palmer. DCM                                                                             Private E. Smith

Private A. Christoffersen                                                                                   Private B. Hammond

Private R. S. Little                                                                                             Private J. Lang

Private R. George                                                                                             Private E. Mildon

Private L. Percy                                                                                                Private S. Berkahn

Private J. C. Palmer                                                                                         Private G. O. Hammond


Wimbledon War Memorial

"In grateful and honoured memory of the men of this district who gave their lives in the great war 1914-1918."  - Inscription on monument

P. Doria                                                                                                             L. J. Doria

B. R. Doria                                                                                                        O. Jensen

W. J. Perry

"These men from the Wimbledon District also served in the great war" :

E. Battershill, L. J. Donovan, C. F. Gardiner, R. Thales, R. Holmes (aka R. J. Holms), L.H. Herbert, E. H. H. Herbert, C. McKay, E. H. Morgans, A. H. Morgans, W. A. Richardson, J. E. L. Simcox, W. A. Siteman, A. A. Siteman, H. Ward, C. T. White.


Akitio County (Pongaroa)

Roll of Honour 1914-1918

Ashwell, S. H.                                                                 Newman, W. C.

Bailey, H.                                                                        Parkinson, J.

Cameron, T.                                                                   Power, J.

Clemens, H. J.                                                               Polglase, H.

Christiansen, A. R.                                                         Priest, G. W.

Coe, W. H.                                                                     Ryan, M.

Dickens, H.                                                                    Shea, G.

Erickson, A.                                                                   Stewart, G. L.

Harold, M. I.                                                                   Scott, D.

Harold, W. E.                                                                 Stafford, C.

Howes, J.                                                                       Styles, A. F.

Lassen, F. G.                                                                 Thomas, S.

Lankey, C. J.                                                                  Thomas, W.

McDonald, G. N.                                                             Thompson, W.

McGregor, K.                                                                  Weavers, L. G.

McIntyre, D.                                                                    Whitta, F. U.

McKay, A.                                                                       Willoughby, A.

McLean, R.                                                                     Willoughby, W.

Mojl, H.                                                                            Wood, R.


The above original names were added to when the R.S.A. added a new plaque:

Mckenzie, J.                                                                    McGill, J.

Gray, R.                                                                           Urquhart, R.

Gichard, E. C.                                                                  Wright, F.

Hodder, C. F.