Topic: Remembering War: WWI 1914-1918

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Remembering War is a site for memories of wartime for past or present residents of Tararua District.

It doesn’t matter where the stories, photos, videos or audio come from. If you have a connection to Tararua, then they can be included.

Wartime memories might be your personal memories or of someone in your family tree. They may come from personal contacts as well. Wartime memories can include stories from combat zones but not only these. There are also many stories worth telling that come from the families and descendents of war veterans.

For example

  • How was life at home with loved ones overseas?
  • Experiences of going overseas to visit war sites and graves of family members.
  • Copies of letters from the front sent home.
  • The experiences of conscientious objectors or protestors.
  • The experiences of those at home considered Essential Services.

Memories can come from as far back as the Boer War, or local Land Wars in New Zealand. They can also include any wars New Zealand has been involved in, such as both World Wars, the Korean War 1950-53, the Vietnam War 1961-1975, the Malaysian Emergency 1948-1960, the Falkland Islands War 1982, and the more recent wars in the Gulf, Iraq and Afghanistan. 


See Topics to the right for more information, including In Memoriam : names from war memorials around Tararua District, with information on many of the fallen.